Yogilates® was created in 1997 by certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer Jonathan Urla. It is a method of exercise that integrates the core strengthening and alignment principles of Pilates with the practice of hatha yoga. Jonathan has also included knowledge of exercise science, dance medicine, and sound bio-mechanics into the system of Yogilates for a truly complete, effective, and safe regimen that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or exercise background.

Designed as a unique style of yoga, Yogilates begins on the floor utilizing awareness of the breath and alignment to prepare you mentally and physically for your practice. You then perform a thorough warm-up for the body on the floor integrating the core strengthening and spine lengthening of Pilates matwork with hatha yoga breathwork and essential poses. Sequences of exercises are carefully planned to prepare you properly as you progress from one exercise to the next. From the floor, you rise smoothly to standing for Sun Salutations and a Vinyasa yoga flow of more challenging yoga poses that will invigorate your body and soul. All Yogilates classes finish with restorative poses and ending relaxation, called Shavasana.

Yogilates is designed to be a complete and efficient system that contains all the benefits of both disciplines in one regimen. Regular practice improves your performance in all activities from sports to everyday chores. In addition, it gives you the physical and mental skills to achieve peak performance while reducing your risk of injury. With full routines from beginner to advanced, Yogilates works for everbody, teaching you a fun workout you can enjoy doing the rest of your life. Relax, receive, and renew – this is the future of fitness!

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El yogilates es una disciplina relativamente nueva, y como su nombre lo indica, nace de la unión entre el yoga y el pilates. El yoga es una práctica milenaria muy buena para unir mente y cuerpo alcanzando una conciencia mental que nos otorga sabiduría, por el otro lado, el pilates es un sistema de ejercitación ideal para tonificar los músculos y recuperar el cuerpo. Si pensamos en los beneficios de ambas técnicas en una sola, podemos darnos una idea de lo qué es el yoguilates para la salud.

Los ejercicios de yoguilates combinan lo mejor del yoga y lo mejor del pilates integrando ambos en una serie de ejercicios en los que no se utilizan máquinas. El pilates suele darse como una clase de gimnasia en donde se repiten algunos ejercicios en series. Si a esto le sumamos el trabajo de estiramiento que nos da el yoga y las técnicas de respiración del yoga tenemos como resultado un beneficio que actúa en la mente, el cuerpo y el espíritu.


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