Money and Morals: We Can’t Afford Emergency Managers


Pugh settlement is only the latest manifestation of EM’s failure

DETROIT – The elected Detroit Public School (DPS) Board held a press conference last November to cite the School District’s having to pay $350,000 to settle a lawsuit as the latest evidence of emergency managers’ failures. DPS will pay the family of a teen that was supposed to be mentored in a DPS program by former Detroit City Council Member Charles Pugh. But the family brought suit because Pugh’s relationship with the student involved sexual advances and pornography. Emergency Managers Robert Bobb and Roy Roberts both ignored warnings from School Board Members that Pugh’s actions with the student were inappropriate. Harlon Raymond Jr

“The Detroit School district has been driven into debt by state takeovers and emergency managers and now voters have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars because two emergency managers would not heed the warnings of the Board,” said Elena Herrada of the Detroit Public School Board. The emergency managers didn’t have to listen when we told them Pugh’s relationship with a DPS student was inappropriate. Unlike elected leaders, Emergency Managers like Robert Bobb and Roy Roberts don’t have to answer to anyone but the Governor. How many crises do Emergency Managers have to create before the Governor abides by the Constitution and restores power to the voters?”

The current DPS Emergency Manager, Darnell Earley, is the person responsible for switching Flint from clean, safe Detroit water to using the polluted Flint River as a water source, supposedly in an attempt to save money. Flint families protested vehemently because Flint River water was foul and caused illness. But the switch back to Detroit water only happened after the Snyder Administration was forced to admit that inadequate water safeguards had resulted in lead poisoning of Flint’s population, a particular concern with children.

“The Governor’s latest Emergency Manager for DPS has the stain of Flint’s lead-poisoned children on his record and his conscience,” said Tawanna Simpson, District 1 Representative for DPS. “Darnell Earley and the Emergency Manager that followed him were free to ignore months of families’ petitioning and protesting that the water was making them sick. Earley made a tragically bad decision in order to save money and this generation of Flint’s children will pay the price for the rest of their lives. We don’t need him to run DPS. We need the Board that voters elected. We need people who are accountable to those with a direct stake in the schools.” start

La Junta elegidos de escuelas públicas de Detroit (DPS) celebró una conferencia de prensa en noviembre pasado para citar el distrito escolar tener que pagar $350.000 para resolver una demanda como la última evidencia de fallos de emergencia de los gerentes. DPS le pagará la familia de un adolescente que supuestamente iba a ser tutelado en un programa DPS por ex Detroit Ayuntamiento miembro Charles Pugh. Pero la familia traje porque relación de Pugh con el alumno había implicado avances sexuales y pornografía. Emergencia gerentes Roberto Bobb y Roy Roberts ambos ignoraron las advertencias de miembros del Consejo Escolar que las acciones de Pugh con el estudiante eran inadecuadas.

El director actual de emergencia de DPS, Darnell Earley, es el responsable de la conmutación de pedernal de agua limpia y segura de Detroit al uso del contaminado río pedernal como fuente de agua, supuestamente en un intento de ahorrar dinero. Familias de pedernal protestaron con vehemencia porque río pedernal agua estaba asquerosa y enfermedad causada. Pero el interruptor de agua Detroit sólo después de la administración de Snyder se vio obligada a admitir que había resultado seguridad de agua insuficiente en el envenenamiento por plomo de la población de Flint, una preocupación particular con los niños.