Gov. Rick Snyder accepts Flint community request


FLINT, MI –The residence the governor visited on April is part of the state’s sentinel site testing program. The home has lead service lines and has tested higher than the federal

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, left, pauses as he delivers his State of the State address to a joint session of the House and Senate, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016, at the state Capitol in Lansing, Mich. Also seen are Lt Gov. Brian Calley and House Speaker Kevin Cotter. (AP Photo/Al Goldis)

action level for lead of 15 ppb (unfiltered). The homeowner uses a filter, but had expressed concerns about whether the filtered water is safe to drink. The governor met with the resident to discuss water quality issues and left with enough filtered water to get him started on drinking and cooking with the water for 30 days. The Governor plans on refilling his Flint water supply when he is in the city each week.

The experts have also recommended a flushing protocol for all homes, to help improve the flow of the treatments as well as flush pieces of lead out of the pipes. The state will provide an additional credit on upcoming water and sewer bills to be applied for the costs incurred by flushing approximately 600 gallons through each home.

Guidance for using filters:
The city of Flint, the state, and the EPA are all encouraging residents to use filtered water for drinking and cooking, as the team of experts agrees that data proves it is safe to use filtered water as a primary source of drinking water.
Test results indicate that filters are extremely effective in removing lead from water, even at very high levels.
Residents should be sure to properly m_rick-snyder-1417_e267b80d5ee673fe244e4ae58a5c822c.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000aintain these filters to make sure they are operating correctly by replacing used cartridges and only running cold water through the filters.
Flushing Instructions:
Step 1: Run cold water at the highest flow in the bathtub for 5 minutes. Do not use the showerhead because it has a lower flow rate.
Step 2: Bypass or remove your filter, then run cold water at the highest flow from the kitchen faucet for 5 minutes. Remember to turn your filter back on or reinstall it when done. EPA testing has shown filters are effective at removing even very high levels of lead.
Step 3: Do this every day for 14 days.
Aerator cleaning:
Residents need to clean the aerators of sink faucets once per week to remove any pieces of lead that may be or may become trapped inside the screen.

La residencia que el gobernador visitó en abril es parte del programa de pruebas sitio centinela del estado. La casa tiene líneas de servicio de plomo y se ha probado más alto que el nivel de acción federal para el plomo de 15 ppb (sin filtrar). El dueño de casa utiliza un filtro, pero había expresado su preocupación acerca de si el agua filtrada es segura para beber. El gobernador se reunió con el residente para discutir los problemas de calidad del agua y se fue con suficiente agua filtrada para conseguir que comenzó en beber y cocinar con el agua durante 30 días. El gobernador tiene planes de volver a llenar el suministro de agua Flint cuando él está en la ciudad cada semana.

Guía de Usar Filtros:
Paso 1: correr agua fría en el más alto flujo en la bañera durante 5 minutos. No utilice el cabezal de ducha, ya que tiene una velocidad de flujo inferior.
Paso 2: Derivación o eliminar el filtro, a continuación, correr agua fría en el más alto flujo desde el grifo de la cocina durante 5 minutos. Recuerde colocar el filtro de nuevo o volver a instalarlo cuando haya terminado. pruebas de la EPA ha demostrado filtros son eficaces en la eliminación incluso niveles muy altos de plomo.
Paso 3: Haga esto todos los días durante 14 días.