Gil Guzman salutes the hispanic/latino commission of Michigan

The Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan was enacted in July, 1975. It has served the statewide Hispanic community since that date advocating for issues of importance that affect the Hispanics in Michigan. A lot of legislative immigration_232187734-DREAMactissues have been proposed and passed such as controlling the use of pesticides, field sanitation standards, improved migrant housing, education, employment, economic development and many other issues of concern. The Commission is presently housed within the Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights. The staff, with some of the Commissioners, continues to work to bring Hispanic Education Summits, Advocacy Day, Annual Hispanic Heritage Month/Cesar Chavez Celebrations, and provide scholarships for students. Based on these partnerships this commission is known thought out the U.S. for their hard work with the Hispanic community in the State and other parts of the country.

Mr. Gil Guzman has been the Chairperson of this Commission since January 2013. He has been an outstanding leader in our state and deserving of respect. One of his duties as chairperson includes creating partnerships with agencies and organizations to advocate for the needs of the Hispanic community. He is and was authorized by the department directors; Daniel Krichbaum and Matt Wesaw to attend out of state conferences and bring back information to the statewide Hispanic community.

The Community Voice/La Voz has supported this organization and the State of Michigan in serving Hispanic Americans in issues confronting our community and salutes Mr. Guzman’s role as Chairman of this important state commission. According to information provided to us, the staff and commissioners do not attend out of state conference or do any travel unless authorized by the immediate supervisor, Mr. Lee Gonzales and Dept. Director Matt Wesaw. The Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan meets bi-monthly throughout the state.

On September 30, 2015, the Commission met at the Radisson Hotel at 10:00am. Chairman Guzman was criticized by Commissioners Sonya Hernandez, Noel Garcia, Juan Marinez and Martha Gonzalez-Cortes in reference to conference travel and suggestions of wrong-doing were unfairly leveled against him. Also, the executive director’s travel and annual performance evaluation was discussed in public even though some commissioners warned that these issues should be discussed in closed session.

Unfortunately, the meeting centered mostly on criticism of staff and the chairperson. At times the discussion appeared very unprofessional.

To his credit, Mr. Guzman works with students in Kalamazoo County. He excused himself at noon as he had made appointments with students for testing at Michigan State University at 12:30pm. The heated discussion, often lacking professional demeanor, continued in his absence with criticisms of him and staff.

In our interview with Chairperson Guzman, he expressed his confidence in the work of the Hispanic/ Latino Commission of Michigan and would like to thank his fellow commissioners for their professionalism. Special thanks god to commissioners: Norman Huizar-Wayne County; Jesse Venegas-Wayne County; Armando Hernandez-Genesee County; Jeremiah Hernandez-Ingham County; Carlos Sanchez-Kent County; Julio Morales-Kent County; and Ozzie Rivera-Wayne County for their conduct and collaborative comments.


Desde su inicio en 1975, la comisión hispano/latino de Michigan ha representado la gente en cuestiones legislativas, como leyes para el control del uso de los plaguicidas, las normas de saneamiento de campo, mejores viviendas de migrantes, la educación, el empleo, el desarrollo económico y muchos otros temasLatinoComissionEvent_12_18_13_29 de interés. La Comisión está actualmente alojada en el Departamento de Derechos Civiles de Michigan. El personal, con algunos de los miembros de la Comisión, sigue trabajando para traer Cumbres hispanos Educación, Defensa, Mes Anual de la Herencia Hispana / Celebraciones Cesar Chávez, y proporcionar becas para los estudiantes. Sobre la base de estas asociaciones esta comisión es conocida en la EE.UU. por su trabajo con la comunidad hispana en el Estado y otras partes del país.

Sr. Gil Guzmán ha sido el Presidente de esta Comisión desde enero de 2013. Ha sido un líder destacado en nuestro estado y merecedor de respeto. Una de sus funciones como presidente incluye la creación de asociaciones con organismos y organizaciones para abogar por las necesidades de la comunidad hispana. Él es y fue autorizada por los directores de los departamentos; Daniel Krichbaum y Matt Wesaw asistir conferencias en otros estados y traer de vuelta la información a la comunidad hispana en todo el estado.

La Voz de la comunidad / La Voz ha apoyado esta organización y el Estado de Michigan en el servicio a los hispanos en temas cuales enfrentan nuestra comunidad y saluda el papel del Sr. Guzm%A