Copenhell 2015 – Rockers Paradise


Who said you cant hear pure rock music at a live music festival anymore? Say it aint so? Its obvious that those who dont know have never attended the Copenhell music festival held in Copenhagen Denmark since 2010.

Copenhell at its finest
Copenhell at its finest

Copenhell tries tp stay true to it score sound of old school rock, while giving way to new sounds within the Heavy Metal genre. Some of the alure of the festival is its central location in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tucked inside the southern harbor district of Holmen, outside the free-town of Christiania, Copenhell attracted a loud and raunchy audience along with thousands of volunteer workers for the festival.
The Highlights: The musical lineup was spectacular with Slipknot headlining the event and relevant groups like Primus, Rise Against, Body Count, Suicidal Tendencies, and one of my favorites Red Warszawa from the ”old skole” Danish rockers. There was also a trend for new sounds like A Day to Remember, and the high octane The Darkness. Overall the lineup didnt disapoint. Too bad our tasks dealt with recording the audience and their feels regarding the festival for local radio in Northern Jylland. So our time was limited but we could still enjoy the sounds while making our way through the sales and culture areas.

The lowlights: Speaking of volunteering, there was a distinct tone of regret when it came to the drinks at the festival in 2016. Somehow it became impossible to be served cold drinks and the weather was hot and stuffy so cold drinks were a must. It seemed that the volunteer staff situation was not all it was cracked up to be and some things were left in the lerch.

Copenhell 2015 – More Than a Rockers Paradise
Written by: Scooter Scott Strenzel
Photos by: Kenneth Strøm