The Book of Nimrod

Read any good books lately? Perhaps you should check out The Book of Nimrod. Actually, it is not a book. The Book of Nimrod is a series that is the brainchild of writer and director, Carla P. Morales, and it is a raw and gritty dramatic show that premiered in July on Roku and

The Book of Nimrod takes place in the city of Philadelphia. It tells the story of Esteban “Nimrod” Santiago, a drug kingpin and his relationship with a young girl named Baby, who is handed over to Nimrod in exchange for drugs. He takes on the responsibility and care of this young girl because he sees himself in her. No one was there to protect him from an abusive childhood.

Nimrod started out as a series of 7-8 minute webisodes on YouTube. As the series progressed, industry people became interested enough to turn it into a series on Roku and on Since then, the show is getting a lot of positive feedback through both their fan page and their group page. People are showing their support and commenting about how real the show is, how it is tackling real subjects that take place, not only in Philadelphia, but in urban neighborhoods all over, and how they know or have known someone that related to one of the characters in the show.

And what a great cast of characters they have, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, from professionals to novices.


Noel A. Reyna plays the lead character of Esteban “Nimrod” Santiago, a drug kingpin who takes in Baby, a girl whose mother gives her up in exchange for drugs. Noel is from the lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas and is a far cry from his Nimrod character. He has a performance degree from the University of Texas Pan American and is a very talented actor, comedian, singer and dancer. He moved to the east coast about five years ago to pursue his acting and performance career. While working at a restaurant, he was discovered by David Bravo, who told him he was an actor on an online series. “Trying to get my foot in the door with more acting experience, I thought I should give him my info just in case they need a SMALL role filled. Well turns out they needed a new Nimrod a couple of months later, and after a small interview with Carla and Herricane and an improvisation scene, she offered me the job.” He gained 20 plus pounds of muscle for the role. “No one wants to get shot in the face by a little skinny gangster.” With his model looks, it’s easy to see why female viewership has increased!

Jeremy Zayas plays Silk, Nimrod’s right hand man. “I got involved in The Book of Nimrod through my music. Herricane Morales shoots my music videos and her mom’s the director and she told her she had an artist that she thought would fit the scene for the TV series and I went to the audition and they chose me.” Jeremy wasn’t an actor, he was just a musician, but he has been with the series since Day 1. Now he has had more acting jobs and he says it’s opened a lot of doors for him. But his music is most important to him. Where Noel is not like his character, Jeremy says he is his character. “Everything comes naturally, I’m from Philadelphia, I’m from the streets. I think when Carla writes, I think she thinks about me because I am Silk.” You can find his videos on YouTube under Jerm Realadel.

David Bravo plays Angel, Nimrod’s dark and brooding enforcer. David was discovered by Dominique Holland, Carla’s daughter and one of the producers of the show. David is tall and intimidating and is perfect for the role of Angel, the menacing quiet type who is all about business, but like Noel, he is not like his character. David is the one who suggested Noel for the role of Nimrod. “That could have been me. When the original actor vacated the role, Dominique asked if I could do it, but I wasn’t interested in that part. That’s when I suggested Noel.” A lot of the scenes were shot at David’s house.

Dionne Stone plays Diedra, the drug addict who gives up her daughter to Nimrod in exchange for drugs.


Talented Dionne has been acting since the age of 6, starting out in church as most people do. “Being a Philadelphia native, I also performed at the Freedom Theater. From there I continued at Creative & Performing Arts high school and then University of the Arts.” Dionne has played a lot of different characters, but this is the first time she has played someone so raw. When she did the original webisodes she did not have her son that she has now, but since filming the new series it affected her in a different way as a mother. “I was born to drug addicted parents, I wasn’t raised by them, so in a way, I was Baby.”

Adrian Martinez and Dise Cruz are cousins who play the Rodriguez brothers, who run the rival gang. Although neither of them has ever acted before this, they are enjoying themselves and are enjoying the experience that this has given them. Dise has already received another acting job.

Alfreda “Fre” Howard is the show’s extremely talented makeup artist who hails from the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. Fre has been doing makeup professionally for the last sixteen years. She got her first professional job at University of Michigan doing professors’ makeup for headshots. Now she is the head makeup artist for Temple University’s Opera Theater and the Curtis Institute of Music Opera Theater. Fre is unique in that there are very few women of color that can do every aspect of makeup and special effects.

Jack Feinman is a retired police lieutenant with close to 25 years on the force who serves as a consultant on the show and also supports the show as much as possible by doing whatever he can to help.

This is a labor of love with everyone coming together to support Carla and this project. They are putting this together with little or no resources, but that has not let that stop them. Carla’s tenacity and dedication show that you can always find a way no matter what your situation. You can watch The Book of Nimrod on Roku or stream it live on New episodes show every Monday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and previous episodes are there also so you can get caught up. Go ahead…curl up with a good book…The Book of Nimrod. nimrod

El Libro de Nimrod se lleva a cabo en la ciudad de Filadelfia. Cuenta la historia de Esteban “Nimrod” Santiago, un capo de la droga y de su relación con una joven llamada Baby, que está entregado a Nimrod a cambio de drogas. Toma la responsabilidad y el cuidado de esta joven porque ve a sí mismo en ella. No había nadie allí para protegerlo de una infancia abusiva.

Este es un trabajo de amor con todo el mundo que se unen para apoyar a Carla y este proyecto. Están poniendo esto junto con poco o nada de recursos, pero que no ha dejado que detenerlos. Tenacidad y dedicación de Carla muestran que siempre se puede encontrar una manera, no importa cuál sea su situación. Usted puede ver El Libro de Nimrod en Roku o transmitir en vivo en Nuevos episodios se muestran todos los lunes a las 9:00 pm y usted tambien puede ver episodios anteriores para no perderse la trama completa y estar al corriente en la serie … leer un buen libro … El libro de Nimrod.